Two Rivers Inn

11-5-2018 - the BWO hatch is back and so are pods of slurping fish.  Bring streamer rod and dry fly rig. 

6-12-2018 - Water is too high to float unless you are very experienced and even then better to hit lakes or high mountain streams right now.  PED's PMD's Yellow Sallies and Caddis oh and misquitos make up the majority of the hatch. When the water comes down the fishing should be great. 

4-25-2018 - Fishing on the Big Horn from Wedding down has improved as the water warms up, but high flows and low fish count numbers have us worried.  Please make sure not to wade or fish anywhere near REDDs this year especially we need every trout we can get.  Fish are looking up finally, typical baetis, midge mixed in with terrestrial/attractor stuff.  For more detail feel free to call.  Special summer guided fishing trip price of $300 per day including your room, date restrictions apply. 

5-22-2018 Big Horn River Thermopolis, Wyoming - catch rate has improved, likely thanks for stocking.  But also spawn in over and fish are back in runs for most part.  Please still be extra careful to not walk or fish around any possible REDD's.  Have fun and if you want to set up a guided trip please call us at 307-864-3499

3-5-2019  Spawn is on, please do not fish to spawning fish no matter how tempting.  Our river is still recovering and we need every egg to get a chance!    During the right times of the day good dry fly action, fish hitting usual worms eggs midges, bwo's on right days, leeches and some streamer activity picking up when it warms up enough to fish!  Spread the word, don't fish the redds!